My Shit List Notebook


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My Shit List Notebook

The My Shit List Notebook is where you keep the list of people who have annoyed, wronged, or messed with you.  Keep track of them all.  The pages inside are just waiting for your list (or list of lists).

Who is going on the list today?

Notebook Description

This small notebook is the perfect size to stick in a pocket or purse.  Keep it handy to jot down all you need to remember.

Dimensions:  3.5 in wide by 5.5 in tall, 1/8 in thick.
Sheets:  24
Pages: 48

“Craft” cover is about the color of a paper grocery bag.  Black is, well, black.  The covers are about as thick as two or three notecards.

Additional information

Notebook Cover

Black, Craft


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